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Industrial Scales

Headquartered in Long Island, New York, BrightScale has thirty years experience in the design and development of technology for the weighing industry. A leader in this field, BrightScale offers the newest technology and highest quality products at competitive pricing. Whether you need to replace a load cell or purchase an entire force and load measurement system, be assured that BrightScale can offer the most accurate and durable product for a variety of needs.

Industrial scales come in a broad range of styles for a multitude of uses. From floor scales to crane scales to hopper weighing systems, wireless systems, check weighing, tank weighing systems, and process control, we have the inventory and shipping system to guarantee fast and easy service. We also specialize in custom made scales if none of our existing models suit your exact needs. BrightScale has the innovation and willingness to deliver a creative solution to any situation that requires a high-quality, accurate scale.

Our ultimate goal is to provide solutions that conform to the following “UTV” standards:

Utility: The equipment BrightScale provides must meet the strictest industry standards. Technology: All scales and systems are kept current using the latest technology. Value: Every product offered is designed with the latest technology, is of a superior quality, and features many extras whose cost would be three to five times as much if bought through a competitor. Items are shipped factory direct, eliminating any dealer mark-ups.

Since industrial scales cover a wide variety of uses and styles, BrightScale strives to understand our customers’ needs and offers precision equipment designed exactly for its application. There are no fancy extras to bump up the price, just the perfect instrument for any weighing need.

Available in a variety of sizes, bench scales are adapted for use on a counter or bench. From laboratory scales to check weight scales and shipping scales, BrightScale offers a variety of bench scales that utilize strain gauge technology and stainless steel load cells, ensuring accuracy, ruggedness, and durability. We also have a line of 2x, or double accuracy, scales optimized for instances that require a higher level of accuracy at a very modest increase in cost. Also, bench scales can provide output signals that are used by other pieces of equipment during manufacturing. These signals can be used for batching by turning on and shutting off valves, feeders, pumps, and other devices. The measurement data can also be sent or stored using just about any standard communication protocol, such as Ethernet or USB.

Platform Scales

Platform scales are scales built with a platform to hold the object(s) being weighed. They cover anything from a bathroom scale to the scales used to weigh the loads carried by tractor-trailer trucks. Platform scales come in a variety of sizes and with varying capacities. Standard capacity is usually between 500 and 1000 pounds. BrightScale industrial platform scales have the accuracy and durability to perform any weighing task, and can be custom made for any undertaking, large or small.

Floor, Pallet, and Low-Profile Scales

As the name implies, these kinds of scales are installed at or near floor level to facilitate the measurement of a multitude of objects, such as pallets, animals, livestock, and truck loads. Standard capacities are 2500, 5000, 10K, and 20K pounds with other values available for custom order. Made of welded steel, these scales are covered with a specialized epoxy to provide extra rust protection. The load cells on these scales use special, heat-treated stainless steel that protects it from side loads and can stand against moisture. For environments that require even greater durability, BrightScale offers full stainless steel construction.

Animal Scales

Livestock, veterinary, animal, llama, and pig sorting scales make up this interesting and important line of scales. Scales are significant tools in caring for livestock, especially llamas, who need to maintain specific body weight and receive medication based on their weight. That is why we build our scales as animal-friendly as possible. We understand the need for a low-profile scale because many animals are wary of stepping on platforms, and so BrightScale offers scales that weigh even the largest animals comfortably and simply. With easily cleaned rubber matting for additional comfort and a 500 pound capacity, BrightScale offers a superior instrument with precision and accuracy for even the most jittery animals. The weight average and hold function provides an accurate reading even if the animal does not remain still.

Corrosion Resistant Scales and Explosion Proof Scales

These scales are used in certain industries with a certain amount of volatility. Due to the nature of the corrosive chemicals and flammable or explosive materials to be weighed, or the fumes they generate, some scales need to be built with extremely specific protections. Corrosion resistant scales are made of stainless steel and covered with a “triple epoxy” compound that protects them from harsh acids, caustics, and solvents. Explosion proof scales, also called intrinsically safe scales, come in many different ranges and classifications including Classes I, II, and III, Division I, and Groups A through G.

BrightScale offers a large and varied selection of scales to meet every need imaginable. If we don’t already make it, a custom made scale can be designed for you. To meet your every weighing need call us at toll free at 877.640.0098. You can also fax us at 516.593.4607 or visit us online at BrightScale.com.

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